I started writing songs and performing at the age of 14.  In the 80s I had a blast singing on my college campus (Mount Holyoke College) with my friend Char.  We were known as Jenny & Char.  We drank a lot of "beverages," sang at Take Back the Night and divestment from South African rallies,  and made some extra money to boot.  

After college, and throughout the 90s, I enjoyed singing as an independent singer/songwriter in my local coffee scene, and for the elderly in retirement centers.  

In the 2000s I turned my attention to other passions.  I became a preschool teacher, and focused more on my environmental and public health activism.  While I "played out" less and less, I continued writing and recording my music.  I worked to incorporate my music into my life in other ways, such as singing and writing songs about nature with my preschool children, and playing at political rallies.    

I deeply treasure that my songs have been enjoyed by various people throughout my life.  I also deeply treasure that I have had a guitar by my side since I was 14 years old, keeping me company. 

I've enjoyed that my songs have been utilized in some independent documentaries, for nature programs, in school classrooms, at political rallies and more.  Music has certainly added meaning to my life, and I am so very grateful for it. 

I have 4 self produced albums, and several additional singles.  I recently digitized my archive and started this website.  Some of my songs were on a reel to reel and have not been heard for 35 years.  Songs like Graffiti confront homophobia, and are, fortunately, or, unfortunately, still very relevant.  How can that be?!  Two steps forward, one step back I guess.      

Along with being a singer/songwriter and preschool teacher, I like being an activist, and working to clean up our air, water and earth.  I also enjoy working in the Children & Nature movement to reconnect more children, families, students, patients, etc. with our amazing natural world. 

I am the founder of a non profit and one community group—The Leave No Child INSIDE Central Ohio Collaborative (LNCI-COC) AND Citizen Pollution Watch (CPW).  You can check these two groups out in my ACTIVIST section.    

I would love to hear from you!   Thanks for visiting!