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With the simplified recording I do with my songs, a song recording can cost from $500 to $750. 

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  • You can visit the studio during a recording session if you are in town and would like to 
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The Waitress Song (a waitress letting go of her dream)   

Love is the Best Thing Going (love song)   

The Right Whale Song (the endangered Right Whale)   

You Can't Drink Money (dangers of gas and oil drilling)     

We All Get Lost Sometimes (it's ok, we all get lost)    

Some People Walk in Straight Lines (while others make pretty designs)   

We're Better Than This (our country is better than this)    

Love Sweet Love (love is all that matters now)    

Humans Heed My Call (saving mother earth)   

When is it Time to Say Goodbye (alcoholism)    

The Wonder Song (the natural world is amazing) 

Everybody's Got a Story (title says it) 

My Grandpa Jones (death of my grandfather)

Bartender's Song (a bartender's perspective)

1000 Tears (grief) 

Come with Me to the Trees (celebrating nature)

Hellos and Goodbyes (written for friend whose boyfriend left)

Cruel Way to Go (she's gone)

I Robbed a Bank (true story about a man who robbed a bank so he could go to jail to leave his wife) 

Simply Living (living simply) 

First Day of Spring (lovely day) 

I Love this Road (excitement of driving to my summer camp)

Nature Rocks (yep, it sure does)

Democracy is Dead (title says it) 

Damaged Goods (about a certain president) 

American Dream (a dream that isn't at all what it's cracked up to be)

Take My Hand (driving away from this troubled world)