I would LOVE to come and play a house concert for you and your friends!  

What is a house concert?  It's a fun gathering at someone's house where attendees come to enjoy an intimate musical performance.   

A songwriter shares her original music, stories behind the songs, her songwriting process, etc.

Each attendee is asked by the host to contribute $10 - $20 for ~hour long concert with a guaranteed amount paid to artist of $150.    

Here are a few helpful tips when putting on a house concert in your home:  Most house concerts are: 

  • Held indoors
  • Intimate — audiences sit close and are attentive, ie: set up chairs in living room (15 up to 50 people)  
  • Hosts can provide food/beverages, or, attendees can bring food/pot-luck dinner/beverages
  • Have a jar/basket available for the donations, ie: pass the hat around for attendees to contribute the suggested donation
  • Performed with a very small sound system or no amplification. Artists usually bring what they need
  • When host sends an invitation, the house concert is explained so attendees know what to expect
  • A party atmosphere can follow or precede the concert, but the concert is quiet and intentional    
  • If it is an out of town concert for the performer, artist's traveling costs, food and housing are also covered   
  • Please note:  While I am very liberal, and a collection of my songs are political, I strive to make everyone feel welcome at my performances.